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Significado MMA

What is MMA?

Meaning, history, disciplines, techniques, rules, organizations and more.

Entrenamiento MMA

MMA Training

Guides, routines, drills and advice to start training MMA.

Guantes MMA

MMA Equipment

Learn how to choose the best equipment for your personal needs.

What is Experto MMA?

Experto MMA is a Mixed Martial Arts Blog that not just focuses on UFC news, but also in creating guides to learn how to choose the right equipment, learn new techinques, find out more about the sport and improve your abilities.

Who is behind the blog?

I am a hardcore MMA and combat sports fan. I started practicing Mixed Martial Arts around 2010 after watching a spectacular UFC event.

I decided to begin with boxing, then transitioned to Kickboxing and finally tried BJJ and MMA.

I created this blog to share my passion, encourage others to get into MMA, create quality content and teach the most I can.

A few years after we are a team of MMA fans with one mission: creating the best fighting content.

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