MMA Gear and Equipment

To get to the top, in addition to training hard, you have to have the necessary tools, and in the Octagon that means having the best Mixed Martial Arts gear.

Whether you are looking for information on the gloves you should use to train or compete, or you simply want to buy the best MMA clothing, here you will find the best guides and tutorials to answer all your questions and help you choose the best products.

How to Choose the Best MMA Gear?

When choosing the best equipment for Mixed Martial Arts you must take into account 3 main aspects:


If you are going to invest in equipment, go for quality. Your health is very valuable, so don't risk it.


You should buy equipment that meets your specific needs (training or competition).


Buy martial arts equipment from good well known brands that are designed to withstand heavy work.

Below, you find the list of all the guides related to the best MMA equipment.

In them you will find everything you need to know before buying anything.

Nothing better than having clear information from the beginning.

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How to Choose the Best MMA Gloves

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How to Choose the Best MMA Heavy Bag

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MMA Handwraps Guide

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How to Choose the Best MMA Shinguards

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How to Choose the Best MMA Mouthguard

Where to Buy your MMA Gear?

To buy good quality MMA gear you have to take two very important things into account: buying in a place with good reputation and making sure they have a good exchange policy in case something does not arrive as it’s supposed to.

For those reasons, I recommend purchasing MMA equipment through Amazon.

There you can see the opinions of other buyers, the reputation of the sellers and they have probably the best return policy in the world.

That is the reason why you will find links to Amazon in some of my articles where I recommend equipment for Mixed Martial Arts.

The Best MMA Equipment

The necessary gear to practice Mixed Martial Arts is basic and is not very expensive as many believe.

The following are some options that we like to recommend.

Whether you’re looking for beginner MMA gear, or you’ve been training for a while and it’s time to invest in new accesories, these brands are the best on the market.

Recommended Training MMA Gloves

The hands are one of the main weapons in any combat sport, so it is important to choose the best gloves to practice MMA and avoid unnecessary injuries.

My recommendation: invest in good gloves from the beginning.

Recommended Pro MMA Gloves

When you already have experience in MMA you need gloves designed for the toughness of combat. These gloves meet professional standards and are the most recommended by seasoned fighters.

Recommended MMA Mouth Guards

If there is something you should take care of when training any contact sport, it is your teeth. Nothing worse than losing a tooth by not wearing a mouth guard. Treatments are often expensive and painful, so buy one before you start.